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1. Functions and Duties
- Organizing the reception, the management and the use of volunteer youths for pioneering in socio - economic programs, especially in remote areas, mountainous areas and off-shore islands, assigned by the State to the Central League.

- Organizing the implementation of some activities in manufacture, trade and services in order to furnish further resources to the enterprise and to back up the units of volunteer youths to carry out socio - economic projects in hard, difficult areas.
- Managing, conserving and developing its capital and facilities. Properly implementing the rules, the policy on the volunteer youths and labourers. Strictly observing the regulations of the law on manufacture, trade and completely carrying out its obligations to the State and the superior management organs.

2. Fields of activities

- Planting, caring for, protecting forest; culturing, catching and processing agriculture, forestry and sea products;
- Constructing transportation, bridges and roads, irrigations, infrastructures, civil and industrial works;
- Exploiting, manufacturing and trading mineral, building materials, gasoline and fuel;
- Services : Transportation, consignment agent, training and supply labour;
- Import - export services and trading : Machinery and equipment, spare parts for manufacture; means of production, materials for production; means of transportation; means of consumption;
- Making construction investment project, surveying topography, designing, drawing up a total estimate; consulting tender; technically supervising civil, industrial, transportational and irrigational works;
- Trading chemicals (except for highly poisonous chemical), helmet, stationery, fabric, household appliances;
- Real estate business.

3. Products manufactured by the enterprise
- New technological building material panel (3 - Dimension Panel)

4. Capacity
- Capital, machinery and equipment (specialized in construction) : over USD 1,205,000

5. Business achievement
- The Decision No. 792/2005/QD-CTN dated Jul 27, 2005 of the President on rewarding the Third Class Labour Medal to Truong Son Group of Volunteer Youth;
- The Decision No. 341/QD-TTg dated May 10, 2002 of the Primer Minister on rewarding the Emulation Flag and the Merit Certificate of the Government to Truong Son Group of Volunteer Youth;


6. Brief finacial capacity

Unit: USD

STT Norms Year 2006 Year 2007 Year 2008
01 Total assets 6,564,470 6,527,404 5,324,772
02 Total liabilities 6,214,757 6,295,427 5,101,782
03 Short – term assets 5,680,852 5,900,069 4,673,713
04 Short – term liabilities 6,216,174 6,295,026 5,101,382
05 Revenue 3,880,285 3,443,671 4,480,030
06 Profit before tax 2,163 20,180 2,785
07 Profit after tax 1,557 13,430 2,006
08 Others

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